Painless Women Hair Removal Sponge Soft Cute Depilation Tools Skin Care Sponges Beauty Ladies Lovely Sponge for Hair Removal

Specifications Material:

Sponge and sandpaper


Circle: Approx. 7cm

Drop: Approx. 11.6*8cm

Heart: Approx. 9*10cm

Package content:

1PCS hair remover sponge

How to use :

Keep the product completely dry, please do not use it in the bathing,Before using this product, please wash the skin to keep the skin moisturized

Please use the pink side to rotate and rub in a small circle on the hand or leg thick hair, the hair will gradually fall off

Please do not press to the skin hard, and do not rub in a straight line or rotate in a large circle, which will affect the speed of hair removal. Please be patient, The hair needs to be slowly worn off,Please adjust the rotation angle properly to remove hair easily when you use it.

Please use the green side to lubricate the freshly depilated area in the same way as the pink side. The skin will be lightened and finished, then apply the lotion, the cream will soothe the skin and feel better.

This Product shipment will take around 32-42 days.

Women Hair Removal Sponge Soft Cute Painless